Working with psychological conditions

Today I’m talking about psychological conditions and biomagnetic therapy.  Can you as a  psychotherapist, as a counsellor, somebody who works with people on mental health issues, can you give people a good service by adding this modality to your existing practice?

I had a case once there a number of years ago where a woman came into the practice, saying that she was diagnosed with having a personality disorder and she was very distraught about this whole diagnosis and what she was told about it.  She asked whether we could help.   So I did a scan of her body and I found, among other things, on a physical level that the parasite, the Fasciolopsis Buski was way out of balance in various parts of our body and that she also had lead poisoning.

We know from our experience over the years that when you combine these two  do get obsessive thinking,  with the dark side in life.  By balancing that particular parasite along with the other co-infections involved and working with leaching the lead from the liver especially, these symptoms disappeared.  So you could say here was a case where the cause of the psychological problem was in fact a physiological cause, a biological cause.

So in this way, when we add this approach to our existing ways of helping people with mental health conditions, we can certainly make a really true and beneficial contribution.

Thank you for listening.  Talk soon.

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