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What do practitioners say about Dr Raymond Cadwell as a teacher?

  • Raymond teaches with clarity and compassion. He incorporates practical sessions within the teaching schedule which makes the use of biomagnetism come alive. I have been privileged to study biomagnetism with Dr Goiz and Dr Ojeda in the US and Raymond’s presentations are on par with these renowned teachers. Plus, he has surpassed them in the practical aspects by ensuring that each student has hands-on experience of the system. On completion you will be confident and competent in using applied biomagnetism with your own clients, friends and family.

    Tomas McSweeney, Biomagnetic Therapist, Ireland

  • Raymond is very open and generous. He has a strong willingness to share his knowledge. Anyone can tell the passion he has when he talks about biomagnetism and healing. We can feel that he truly lives what he teaches. He has influenced me a lot in how I practice biomagnetism today. The fact that he has several decades of experience makes him a very good teacher.

    Elie Gauthey, Geneva, Switzerland

  • Raymond is a teacher with great experience in therapy, channeling and biomagnetism. Although I have professionally practiced biomagnetism for 9 years, I have been able to learn from him the profound functioning of magnets on the body and understand why this works in many pathologies. Raymond has a simple and fun way to convey complex scientific concepts and bring them to the understanding of the neophyte. His approach links disciplines such as anatomy, pathology, microbiology, genetics, quantum physics, neuroscience. With him my practice has deepened and expanded to new applications. I am very happy that it is finally possible to train in Europe at this level of quality.

    Nathanael Therapist, Geneva, Switzerland & Paris, France

  • Having trained with Raymond since 2014 I can say he is the sort of teacher who gets right to the point. Starting from the basics and building up the knowledge and understanding of the student, he teaches from the depth of his resource gained by working with many clients daily over the last 6 years.

    Sherrie Scott, Biomagnetic Practitioner

What do clients say about Raymond, the Therapist?

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