Treating Chronic Fatigue and Digestive Issues

I’m talking to you today about treating chronic fatigue and digestive issues.  When you finish the Applied Biomagnetic Therapy programme, you are going to come across a number of very common health conditions, probably the most primary one is going to be people suffering with fatigue issues.   These go under names like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lyme Disease, Brain Fog, (people who complain of not being able to think properly) and so on.

We are going to teach you how to deal with these conditions and you’re going to find that the biggest and most important foundation for dealing with these kinds of issues are balancing the organs and getting the digestive system working well.  So during the Applied Biomagnetic Therapy course, this is what we will focus on first.

You  will be able, using magnets, to bring the function of the liver from very low levels of functioning up to quite high levels up to 70% – 80% levels of functionality.  You will be able to get the kidneys functioning properly so that they are clearing the body of toxins and other debris, and so this will provide you with a very firm foundation in which to help people with these very difficult conditions.

As well as that, you will learn about to balance the microbes that cause digestive problems.  People for example who are taking medication, whose digestive systems are not working are therefore not able to process the medication for starters so we will help you to address this.

So, once you have understood and can address these issues, you will have a very good foundation for your practice to help people who suffer from energy problems and fatigue issues.

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