Tips for building a complementary practice

Today we are talking about building a successful Complementary practice in any aspect of Multi-dimensional  Medicine.

The reason is to provide you with a good living and at the same time fulfills your deep values of being of service to people who are struggling in life, who would like to develop   their well-being and  vitality.

In my own case I started out as a spiritual healer in the world of complementary medicine and I had about two or three clients a week and it was nice to do but it certainly was not providing me with a living.

When I added biomagnetic therapy  to the practice, I found that some  clients  got well from quite serious health conditions.  One was a person who had an incipient kidney failure, both kidneys were not working and another person was a person with MS who could not see very well.

These two clients in particular had great success.  And the whole thing spiraled from there.

So the first lesson to learn about building a vibrant practice is that it begins with one client.  To be successful with one client is by far the best way to build a practice.  Wise ones say that 80% of your new clients will come from existing clients and their family and friends.

The second thing I learned was that many of us practitioners are enthused by the name of our practice, so we call ourselves by the method of the practice, Psychotherapists, Kinesiologists, Nutritionists, Acupuncture, Amatsu  and Osteopathy.

New clients  who need our services don’t know what these names exactly mean and don’t know their relevance to their particular issues.  I found it very useful  present myself as a solution to a problem.

Ask yourself what problems does my practice solve for my patients?  You can  in my own case  that I position myself as healing the underlying causes of persistent health conditions.

I don’t need to present myself as a biomagnetic therapist primarily but rather as somebody who has a solution for conditions, illnesses and problems with which  people can identify.

So these two lessons have been very useful.

Just to say that in our practitioner’s programme we will spend the last day of the programme showing you how to market your practice, how to build up your practice, how to use social media, how to use a website in order to promote yourself in a way that serves both you and your clients.

Thank you for listening and I look forward to talking to you again.