Psychological Reversals and Disabling Beliefs

Hello there and welcome.  The topic for today is the whole question of psychological reversals and disabling beliefs.

So for every practitioner in complimentary medicine and indeed in allopathic medicine as well  as the role of unconscious beliefs that sabotage the treatment are quite common and yet at the same time how many of us actually ask the question:   are there any disabling or other unconscious beliefs that are causing the healing to be sabotaged or interrupted in some way?


Now this has nothing to do with saying to clients it’s all in your head so to speak.  That’s not it.  It isn’t in our client’s heads.  Our clients suffer from real conditions.

So what about this question of disabling beliefs.  Well there are a few of them and Carolyn Myss has written a great book on this very topic – Why People don’t heal and how they can  – I think is the title of the book and I’ve taken some of her ideas and turned them into a protocol for identifying unconscious, disabling beliefs inhibiting them from healing.

I’ll talk about one of these which is very common and it says something like this, ” I am damaged beyond repair, healing is impossible.”  Of course this is unconscious.

Now this belief crops up frequently as I say and when it does, it can be a real block to progression towards full health and well-being.  Now on my practitioners programme, I am going to be dealing with this issue and I will be teaching how to work with disabling beliefs and understand on a deep level how they affect the microbial field, the microbes of the gut, the tissues and organs

I look forward to sharing this with you in the future.