Protecting Yourself from Burnout

Hello and welcome. Today I’d like to talk about burnout for practitioners and how we, as complementary health practitioners, can protect our energy fields, to make sure we don’t end up exhausted and depleted. This can result in the treatment of our clients becoming a drain on our energy and indeed on our lives.

On the programme that we will be teaching in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy, one of the things we will be covering is this very thing; how do you protect yourself and keep your energy field intact. We will be offering a number of suggestions as how to do that.

My own fundamental recommendation in order to make sure that your energy field is kept at a high level is to learn a number of practices which will generate a higher energy field than those of your clients.

When your energy field drops below a certain level on the bovis scale, which is a way of measuring energy, you will be prone to getting exhausted and depleted.  So we need to be working on keeping our energy levels high.

The main tip in preventing burnout, that I use myself here in the practice is this; it at any time my physical body, my sensations, pick up any kind of depletion or tiredness I always associate that with the treatment I’m giving. So my policy is always to stop, sit away from the client and wait for my energy to return to its higher vibration. This is extremely useful because I find that sitting quietly and allowing my own energy field to regenerate often gives me further great ideas in terms of treating the client. I receive inspiration and sometimes the treatment will turn out very different than it would have if I had pushed through my own tiredness.  So the real recommendation here is never push through your own tiredness, depletion or exhaustion to deliver a treatment.

Stop, sit, wait and perform a short meditation practice. If you join us on our practitioners programme in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy will be teaching you some practices you can do in order to maintain your field at such a high vibration that the client’s energy or the energy of the treatment you’re giving won’t affect you.

I look forward to talking to you again.

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