Master Practitioner Certification in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy

5-day Workshop: 20th to 24th January 2020. Cost: €1,400.00. Deposit €500..00. Early bird €1,350 by 30/11/2019. Venue: The Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin, Ireland.

What is a Master Practitioner?

A master practitioner takes a multidimensional approach to healthcare and wellness. We believe that the essential and foundational competencies of a Master Practitioner centre around four key aspects:

  • Balancing the illness causing microbes of the body
  • Releasing trauma and biological conflicts
  • Releasing ancestral entanglements
  • Deep soul healing and restoration of contact with source

This programme is for those who have completed the Practitioner Certification in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy (Levels  1, 2 and 3) and wish to continue learning and advancing their skills. It is not for beginners or novices as a prior knowledge of applied biomagnetic therapy is required.

You will learn how to:
  • Heal trauma and biological conflicts. This is the path to emotional health and deeper physical health.
  • Heal the deep soul. This is about living the joy of life.
  • Deepen your knowledge about the finer points of applied biomagnetic therapy and broaden your practical experience.
  • Expand your practice while at the same time serving the health and wellbeing of others.
At the end of the programme, you will receive a Master Practitioner Certificate in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy which will give you a licence to practice these innovative methods.

There is only one prerequisite for starting this programme – you must have completed the Practitioner Certification in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy (Levels 1, 2 and 3). That said, in order to achieve the certification, you must be in practice for at least two years at the time of completion. You should also have a certification in another energy healing modality such as nutrition, acupuncture, Reiki, massage, family constellation, trauma therapy, ancestral healing, pranic healing, therapeutic touch, bioenergy healing, nutrition, chiropractic, osteopathy, acupuncture, Chinese medicine and homeopathy.

There are 7 steps which will take approximately 12 months to complete:

  1. Participate in a 5-day workshop in trauma and biological conflicts.
  2. Participate in a 5-day immersion retreat in deep soul healing.
  3. Attend 3 x 1-day practitioner support workshops.
  4. Complete 3 successful treatments with a written endorsement from each client
  5. Complete 3 written case studies on subjects such as: a healing from a chronic health condition a healing involving ancestral/trauma a healing where a soul or spiritual dimension was involved
  6. Complete a written researched paper on a chosen health condition showing the relevance of biomagnetic therapy to that condition and demonstrated understanding of applied biomagnetic therapy.Participate in an oral examination with the designated faculty of the Institute of Biomagnetic Therapy to validate the standards reached and be judged competent to receive the Master Practitioner Certification in the Applied Biomagnetic Therapy.

Learn how to heal trauma and biological conflicts. This is the path to emotional health and deeper physical health. Biological conflicts happen during gestation in the mother’s womb and early life when a basic need for food, air, water and light is frustrated. This causes shock and trauma to the cells of the body as well as to the microbes which become pathogenic and can cause illness. For example, being unable to catch enough air during the first minutes of life leads to an air conflict, often ending up as asthma in later life.

You will learn how to release:
  • The various types of biological conflict (e.g. food, water, air), attack conflicts, DE-evaluation conflicts and territorial conflicts.
  • The trauma and unconscious beliefs and programmes which are no longer useful for health and wellbeing.

Also, learn about ancestral and intergenerational healing. This is about opening to the flow and love in life. Ancestral and intergenerational healing is where the flow of love from the ancestors has become blocked because of unworkable involvements with your male or female lines. Family secrets, disowned members, shame or loss shows up in later generations as a blocked life – inability to give or receive love or as a physical illness such as cancer, chronic fatigue, unlived destinies etc.

You will learn how to:
  • Identity an ancestral issue and the generations involved
  • Include the ancestors in resolving the issue(s) and aligning the flow of love in the ancestral lines.

Learn how to heal the deep soul. This is about living the joy of life. Loss of contact with the force of Universal Love, God, The Power greater than us, call it what you will, is most likely at the root of most illness, especially depletion/fatigue illnesses. A traumatic birth can lead the soul away from fully incorporating in the body resulting in living a lesser life than your destiny intended. Soul healing reconnects you to the Source.

You will learn how to release:
  • Do contemplative meditation practice
  • Receive soul healing so you can experience directly your connection to the Source
  • Be activated as a channel for healing to your clients
  • Acquire and internalise healing protocols for working with the multi-dimensional aspects of the body, heart, mind and soul

Payment Information

How much does it cost to complete the programme?

  1. 5-day workshop in trauma and biological conflicts – €1,400
  2. 5-day immersion retreat in deep soul healing – approx €1,250 (date and pricing to be announced)
  3. 3 x 1-day practitioner support workshops €300 (€100 each)
  4. Oral examination fee – €200
Please note: A deposit of €500 is required to secure your place.  PLEASE USE THE PAYPAL LINK ON THE PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATION PAGE TO PAY FOR THIS COURSE.

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