Upcoming Programmes you might be interested in

  • Practitioner Certification in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy

    Applied biomagnetic therapy is a revolutionary approach in healing the causes of chronic illnesses. It involves the non-medical treatment of persistent health conditions. A third-generation development of biomagnetism, it is founded on the experience, discoveries and innovations of Dr Raymond Cadwell over 7 years of clinical practice in Ireland, Germany and the US. The courses he teaches are non-academic with an emphasis on practical application. He is distinguished by his teaching method of learning the theory by doing the practice.

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  • Master Practitioner Certification in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy

    A master practitioner takes a multidimensional approach to healthcare and wellness. We believe that the essential and foundational competencies of a Master Practitioner centre around four key aspects:

    • Balancing the illness causing microbes of the body
    • Releasing trauma and biological conflicts
    • Releasing ancestral entanglements
    • Deep soul healing and restoration of contact with source

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