Your Questions

What happens if I struggle with the practitioner certification course and feel I am falling behind?

There will be qualified practitioners on hand to help you with the practice as well a learning support group to discuss the challenges.

What if I don’t live near other participants? Will I still be expected to participate in the support group and attend the practitioner support days?

No, you will not be expected to participate in the support group and attend the practitioner support days. We appreciate that not all participants will live in the city or region, let alone the same country or continent. The key steps to certification are the 5-day foundation workshop, 48 treatments and 4-day certification programme. The other steps, while preferable, are not mandatory.

What is the authority behind Dr Cadwell’s certification?

Dr Cadwell has a degree in social science and a masters by research. He will personally sign your certificate which will enable you to obtain insurance and advance to the Master Certification. Dr Cadwell is the only person certified by the Institute to offer this certification. To learn more, Read Dr Cadwell’s profile in full.

What is the relationship between Dr Cadwell and Dr Iaasc Goiz Duran?

Dr Isaac Goiz Duran is the founder of Medical Biomagnetism in Mexico. He has perfected the practice over 40 years and has many distinguished accredited teachers in countries around the world. He is national treasure in his home country. Dr Cadwell was personally trained by him, after which he was honoured to receive the initiation into the deep well of the art and science of Medical Biomagnetism.

Do you need to see a therapist with your health conditions?

Please visit our testimonials from a number of our previous patients. You can also contact us from the testimonials page.

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