Soul Healing Circle for Health and Well-Being

Join Dr Raymond B Cadwell to quieten your mind and your body to inspire soul healing.

We are delighted to offer a time for you to join like minded individuals to inspire soul healing. This soul healing circle offers each of us the chance to share the highest healing intentions for all who attend.   After our meditation we  collectively join to send healing to one or two (if time allows) individuals who have requested a healing on a challenge they are experiencing.   We meet fortnightly on Thursday evening at 8pm Irish time.   Email your requests and intentions to the below email address.   Join our FB page @raymondcadwellsoulhealing

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1.5 hour Soul Healing Meditations held via Zoom fortnighly .

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Contemplative Meditation & Soul Healing

Contemplative Meditation & Soul Healing

We would like to share the most recent wonderful feedback from our healing circle:-

Dated 11th May 2021   

The healing performed on me in the circle two weeks ago was so powerful.  I immediately felt a release and within minutes there were little rainbow orbs above my head on the wall as I went into a group meditation following that session with you and everyone.   Since then I’ve most definitely received the miraculous blessing of feeling way less suffering than I had been.  I know this process is like an onion and will continue.  I feel somewhere between numb, unmoved, peaceful, and absolutely more accepting of the past.  It is so helpful to have thoughts of ‘the grace of acceptance’ rather than pleading to be released from guilt.  Merely changing the thoughts has done wonders.  

Mothers day was quite challenging, but at the same time, the day ended infinitely better than the last 10 Mother’s days have.  Just being able to end that holiday on a fun and loving note showed progress with healing and the ability to manifest something other than more suffering when I am in that state.  I know that the strength and peace of heart and mind have come from the gift that you and the healing circle have given me.  I am so so grateful. There will never be ample words of gratitude for coming into my life 10 years ago and for all the healings that you have given me.  

I am sorry that I am not entirely comfortable talking in front of the group, but most definitely wanted to pass along the beautiful progress of my healing.   I would also like to say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being a part of the healing circles and having the honor of sending healing intentions and love to those that have nominated themselves for a healing.  I feel how powerful it is to send the intentions to them and to me.  Filled with lots of gratitude and sending copious love.


RETREATS Soul Healing Activation for Health and Well-Being

We are not in a position to offer any physical weekend retreats currently.

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Previous Virtual attendees have said:

 I recently attended a Soul Healing virtual Retreat with Raymond. It was a very special experience. Raymond’s healing gifts are truly amazing. I have felt profoundly peaceful and uplifted ever since.  My heart felt lighter and more spacious afterwards and a deep heart ache from which I had been suffering is now completely gone.  I would highly recommend these beautiful sacred retreats to anyone wanting to progress on their spiritual journey. 


The Soul healing retreat was just an amazing and profound experience for me as a novice. I knew I was in search of more meaning to my life but  I didn’t know where this gut feeling was taking me so I said to myself I’d just go with this  new ‘spiritual feeling’  flow within me  and see what direction  the journey would take me and WHOW.  


Raymond’s gift of sharing his healing  skills with us touched my heart and soul so deeply, I could  feel the impact deeply within, it was like a beam of an amazing light tunneling through my heart  penetrating my soul so profoundly coming to bring light where there was darkness. I could visualise this light beam coming to melt away the iceberg of negativity and pain within that was holding me back from living a worthwhile life.  The healing effect felt so tangible I felt I was floating on a cloud of  NEW INNER strength and resilience I never thought was imaginable to experience after just one retreat


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