I thought I’d share today a few reflections on the whole issue of depression.

I’m sure as a complimentary practitioner that you have come across this to a fair extent and I’m sure you’re quite successful in helping people with it.

For me depression of course is a normal part of the human condition.  I know its classified as a mental  illness and perhaps we all regard it as such.  However, more lately we can see that depression as a phenomena among people, is becoming more widely accepted.  We are not inclined to judge somebody  when they share with us that they are suffering from depression.

So what is depression?  Well to me it really is the opposite of expression.  What is not being expressed in the life of a person, in my life, in your life?  What is sitting on top of that expression?  What’s blocking the expression and what is not being expressed?    Fundamentally I find in my own work, that when there is an unlived life, buried in the heart of any of us, the effect of that can be a sensation of feeling down and depleted.  That is an example of something that is not actually be expressed in life.

The great wise ones say that the impact of the unlived life can have a major impact on our mental health so we can find ourselves in a particular job, living in a particular town or part of a particular country where we are not able to express who we are or we find ourselves in a relationship where who we are is not really so readily accepted.

When this is a cutting off of a form of expression it can lead to an existential conflict. When we reflect on  how to bring  the natural expression of who and what we are into our lives then  this can bring us eventually into the joy of life.  Joy tends to flow from freedom to express.

Thank you for listening, I look forward to sharing more with you on this topic.

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