Applied Biomagnetic Therapy – what a mouthful – what on earth does it mean? 

Hello there and welcome.  Today I’m talking about the practitioners programme in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy.    Applied Biomagnetic Therapy – what a mouthful – what on earth does it mean?

The proposal is that Applied Biomagnetic Therapy is a way of balancing the magnetic fields of the body, the organs, the tissues as well as the bones, the muscles and all aspects of the body.  Now we see it as the foundation of multi-dimension medicine.    Multi-dimension medicine, as you know takes the view that there is no one perspective that’s sufficient to heal people from persistent health conditions.  You need a multi-dimensional perspective so the word applied in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy is meant to communicate that this is the foundation of a new multi-dimensional medicine.


Now if you are already a practitioner of any other modality in complementary medicine well then you have at least one dimension in the spectrum of multi-dimensional medicine in your practice.  What we are doing here is inviting you to add another dimension – the dimension which allows you to treat the microbial imbalances and organ imbalances in the body.  We believe and it’s our experience that by adding this ability to work with the immune system, the microbes, the defence systems on the body, you can make a huge difference to your clients.

This will be the only programme in the world, the only authorised programme in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy and this will be the first time this programme has ever been given so it is a historic moment and I certainly welcome you to share this moment with me.

God bless and thank you for listening.

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