Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Case Study of a little boy, Kevin who suffered with anxiety and panic attacks. We give thanks to his mum for writing and allowing us to use this on our website.

Kevin is a fun loving, kind, smart, empathetic 7 years old boy but started suffering with anxiety from a young age. He has lots of friends in school and at home.  He has a 4 year old sister, a  dad who works full time and me, his mum who also works outside of the house 2 days per week.

Learning anything new or going anywhere new would send him into panic mode. He also suffered with terrible nightmares.  As he got older, he started being afraid at night even with the lights on! He would scream in panic. It escalated to us not being able to leave his bedroom until he was asleep but then it went a step further – I had to hold his hand  until he fell asleep.

However, as the months move on, during the day, he was afraid to move around the house on his own – this meant someone going to the bathroom or even upstairs with him.  He sat on the kitchen floor beside me and played while I prepared our meals.   We tried everything from talking, breathing exercise, warm baths, playing fun games, snuggle times and much more but nothing work.  We then brought him to a Play Therapist for 6 months. He loved the therapist and the visits and he improved slightly but that was it.

I myself had been visiting Raymond and mentioned Kevin at an appointment. Raymond suggested I bring Kevin for a visit.   Kevin visited Raymond for three sessions – only 3 and these sessions have improved Kevin’s quality of life completely.   He is now more open, confident, happy and laughing. He flies around the house without even thinking. He’s back playing, football, rugby & games out on the green and wants to enrol in the Rugby Club.  He went to a GAA Easter camp & learned to play hurling for the first time and loved it! Our families have noticed huge positive changes.

He’s interacting with everyone now. He is back in his own bedroom. He’s finding it a challenge at times but doing it.  Kevin’s three sessions with Raymond has changed my family’s life!  From a very appreciative and grateful Mum.

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