Ancestral Healing

The topic that I’d like to cover today is ancestral healing. In your practice many of the conditions that you can meet and the challenges along with them can stem from the ancestry of your clients.  This is a big topic, so let’s dive in.

A very common example of an ancestral issue would be, what I would call, a first generational  issue. This is where perhaps one of your clients is someone who is taking too much responsibility for everything in their lives.  They are pretty much on the go all of the time, their foot is on the accelerator, they’re running around trying to do too many things and caring for everyone but themselves.  Often this happens because as a little one, the child took responsibility for the parent. The child found that the parent wasn’t able to nourish them or care for them fully so the child tries to solve the problem by parenting the parent.

This can cause a situation that looks like post traumatic stress, high levels of stress, which is quite a strong strain in the sympathic nervous system. They are faced with the fight or flight mode all the time in order to try and keep up with all of the responsibilities.

So what we want to do here is to bring back the correct order to the family so that the child takes up their new position, their correct position, as the child of the mother and father and not the parent of the mother and father, so to speak. This ancestral healing can be done through the work that we do with Applied Biomagnetic Therapy, it can be done with family constellation, it can also be done with the usual forms of Psychotherapy or Kinesiology.

Another aspect of ancestral healing is where a person takes on a soul contract from one or two generations back, which is to say that they can be conceived and born with a contract to heal the family karma.  Usually in these cases, you can find that in the ancestry relates back to many generations ago. Perhaps to someone who lost their life, for example sudden death. Perhaps someone died at the hand of a family member two or three generations ago.

What can happen is someone born in this generation can find themselves in an entanglement with these ancestral souls who lost their lives in previous generations and that they find themselves in a fairly depleted state. What they sometimes might describe as having a half life, not being able to love and live fully. What needs to happen through ancestral healing is for the entanglement with the ancestors to be dissolved.

I will leave you with these thoughts and I look forward to talking to you again soon.  God bless and go well.


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