Who is Dr Raymond B. Cadwell PhD?

Dr Raymond B Cadwell

The founding father of Biomagnetism in Ireland

Raymond is a 30-year veteran of personal transformation practice and has a great ability to nudge people towards essential life style change to support their health. He integrates biomagnetic therapy with trauma therapy, ancestral, nutrition and soul healing.

The founding father of Biomagnetism in Ireland, Raymond qualified in Medical Biomagnetism in 2011, and has been instrumental in educating biomagnetic therapists in Ireland, Germany and the US. Clients come from all over the world to receive treatments and seek his advice.

Director of the Institute of Biomagnetic Therapy, he is also the founder of Cadwell Consulting & Training and Association for Organisational Development in Utrecht, Netherlands and Practitioner in the Integrative Health Centre Aachen, Germany’.

Raymond was a research lecturer in University College Dublin, Trinity College and the Institute of Social Psychology, Utrecht and University of Nijmegen, Netherlands. He holds an undergraduate degree in Social Science and a Doctorate by Research.

Milestones Along the Way

  • 10 years at UCD and TCD studying and researching organisational psychology
  • International consulting and training practice – Ireland, UK, Netherlands, Sweden and US specialising in organisational and personal change
  • First experience of spiritual awakening at a weekend retreat where I was elevated from my suffering mindset into a joyful and peaceful place without any effort on my part – a direct experience of the unconditional love of God
  • Visited the psychiatric hospitals in Brazil and was introduced to spiritualist healing practices and soul retrieval. They believe that most illness, mental as well as physical, have as their cause, connections with dead people, ancestral or otherwise who remain entangled in our energy field. This visit was a great healing for any fears I had about healing lost souls
  • My dream to learn to fly an aeroplane solo was in shatters. I simply couldn’t master the landing. Returning to the hanger in a dejected state after 19 hours trying, I met a stranger who asked how I was doing. “I just can’t get the landing” I said. “Come on, get in the plane and let me have a look, I am an instructor.” he replied. As we lined up for take-off, he said “just remember one thing, you are in command of this flight and I will not say or do anything to save us, if you crash, you crash.” I landed perfectly next time and never had a problem since. Something deep and fundamental changed in me that day
  • My dad came for a flight, his first time in a small aeroplane with the now Captain Raymond, a big deal for me. He was by times critical “You feckin eegit” he would say. “Were you not nervous?” I asked as we taxied back to the hangar after the flight (half expecting to get the usual verbal whack). “No” he said, “with you at the controls I felt in safe hands.” I shed a tear of joy that day.


But I remained sceptical, maybe it was a setup, how could this be real? I was still doubtful. I felt compelled to try it for myself and when he asked for volunteers, I put up my hand. “Well Raymond, what is your issue?” he asked. “Eczema” I replied, “and chronic blocked nose for many years”. “Come up to me” he said.

I received a treatment then and there and felt nothing special during the treatment. When I stood up I felt as if a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders, my mind was clear and much to my surprise my nose was free of the blockage. When I awoke the next morning, the lesions on my skin were almost dispersed and never reoccurred. My first-hand experience convinced me that this was real. It was a physical healing but also a healing for my doubts.

My First Patient

A young mother with Multiple Sclerosis

One of my first clients was a young mother who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and lost her sight as a result and could no longer work or drive or play with her children.

When she returned home after the treatment, she texted to say that she could see shapes. Two days later her vision had improved and after four more sessions, her sight had returned and she went back to work. Her scans showed that lesions in the brain had become inactive and healed. Her doctors said she was in remission but she put her recovery down to Biomagnetic Therapy.