1.2   Setting the right frame of mind to approach a scan of the patient

  1. Remind yourself that you are only part of the solution to every patient’s issues.  Alongside you have
    1. wisdom of the patient’s body
    1. their connection to soul and the all healing energy of the universe
    1. your knowledge, your skill and your attunement and perhaps many other factors. 
  • During the initial consultation with patients you will hear them describe many sensations, symptoms, experiences.  They will mention the names of the illnesses, like Alzheimer’s, Chronic Fatigue, Digestive issues, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and so on including joint pain etc.

It is very tempting and almost inevitable that you will allow this information to colour your attitude and your focus during the scan.   It’s even possible that you might consider which particular microbes might be the cause of the symptoms.

  • It is important to understand that all pre-conceived ideas that may arise because of listening to the patient need to be dropped before beginning the scan.  We need to understand that we are seeking to find the locations in the body where the biomagnetic force is out of balance in the organs, tissues and in the main location of physiological processes in the body.
  • It is important not to use the PowerPoint on biomagnetic points to hunt for points in the body that may be relevant to your client’s issues.  This will lead you astray and can lead to a false scan.

This is a big mistake to hunt for points.   It is important to understand that you are scanning for biomagnetic imbalances, you are not looking for symptoms, microbes or indeed any other preconceived ideas you might have about the scan.

You are only interested initially, at this stage of the foundation programme in biomagnetic imbalances or weakness of the biomagnetic field in the body. 

The easiest way to discover this is to use a negative magnetic by placing it on various parts of the body as you will be directed by the scanning list of points in the body. 

  • It will take you some time to learn, to extract yourself from the focus of illness, health conditions etc.  Nevertheless, this is what is required of you as you begin to learn this wonderful technique of communicating with the body.

Of course, every symptom will have energy, manifestation and indeed will manifest as a biomagnetic imbalance. 

Of course, it can manifest as many other types of imbalances, such as a biochemical imbalance, a microbial imbalance, an energy imbalance emotional/psychological imbalance, a biological imbalance, imbalances due to trauma etc.

At this stage you are only interested in biomagnetic imbalances. 

Your question is, is there a biomagnetic imbalance anywhere in the body? And if so (I) where is it located and (ii) where in the body can I balance that?   Thus, giving you the negative and positive poles of the biomagnetic pair.

It is important to understand that when you balance a biomagnetic pair that particular imbalances may show up in other areas of the body.

This means that it can move it’s location to another point, which as you scan the body you will soon discover.

1.3  The Fundamental question of the scan and the concept of deep cause

Deep cause of what? 

To answer this question, you need to have a concept of full health and well-being namely what are the characteristics of a full healthy, wealthy and joyful human being. 

You may well have your own concept of this but here are a few ideas:-

  • A pervading sense of well-being and joy.
  • A fully functioning immune and microbial system that is capable of returning the body to full health and well-being when it is attacked by any external or environmental issue.
  • A deep capacity to adapt to different environmental conditions, new microbes and new invasions in the body.
  • A sense of homeostasis where the body is able to maintain its equilibrium, day to day, week to week.
  • Ability for reostatis which means the ability to regenerate cells and tissues that have become damaged and in fact to innovate or to create new levels of functioning and adaptability.
  • An ability to alter the process of gene expression in the cells of the body such that the genes in the nucleus of the cells are capable of adapting to new information and new circumstances and are able to correct themselves and to bring themselves to the highest expression of health and well-being.

1.4  The role of Intentionality in the Scanning and Healing

The DMILS research (Direct Mental Interactions with Living Creatures) has shown that there is a direct energetic relationship between healers and their patients.   Countless experiments have shown that peoples thoughts, influence and other even at a distance.    (McTaggart, 2007).  

Therefore in beginning your scan the following are important:

  1. to recall the intentions of the client.  What is it that they want for their health and well-being?  It is important for you to hold this intention in your mind as you prepare to do a scan.
  2. It is important to recall your own intentions with respect to health and well-being. What are the dimensions of what you regard as full health and well-being for a functioning human being?
  3. It’s useful to hold in your mind that you and the client are now sharing the same energy field and that the client belongs to a family, a community and a country and that the energies of all of these dimensions are influencing their health and well-being.

You have now joined this energy field.

The energy field of all human beings and especially your client have a tendency towards both homeostasis (balance functioning) and reostatis which means the ability to regenerate and evolve. 

There is a natural tendency in all living systems to adapt to the environment, and to organise themselves in harmony with that environment.

So there will be a tendency for an entrainment or an attunement between the client and the system in which they live. Now for a period of one hour you will become attuned to that system of energies. 

1.5  Maintaining your own boundaries during the scan

While conducting interactions with clients, the practitioner needs to maintain the boundaries between his or her self and the energy system of the patient.  There are a number of simply ways for the practitioner to establish these boundaries.  e.g.

  1. the practitioner should always sit in the same chair and have the client sit in another chair opposite preferably with a table in between for the initial consultation.
  2. The table where the treatment will take place belongs to the client and the practitioner has his/her territory outside of the boundary of the treatment table. 
  3. The practitioner allows themselves to be aware that when they cross over into the boundary into the patient they do this consciously when they place a magnet.
  4. When the practitioner stands at the feet of the patient and holds their legs, then they are in their own boundary space but their hands reach into the space of the client. 

It’s useful if the practitioner holds a territorial sense while giving treatments. Thus the practitioner has their own standing and sitting space.  When the practitioner moves around the patient they do so within their own space and leans into the patient’s space from time to time to place a magnet or take an energy imprint.

It’s useful to imagine a kind of cocoon around the patient and a protective cocoon around the practitioner although they interact with each other this is from time to time and momentary.

Since you do not want to become ill or get in any way totally involved with the energy field of the client and their system, it is important to establish your own boundaries as you contemplate doing a scan. 

What is important here is that you first of all create the boundary between you and the client.  You are the practitioner and the client is the receiver the patient.  

1.6  Self Protection Protocol

In order to protect your boundaries, the first question you want to ask is: May I serve your health and well-being?   

This establishes you not only as the practitioner but also as the servant of your client’s health and well-being as manifested through their body, their cognitive functioning and all the other levels of good health.

We have found it useful to conceive of every patient/client as having an inner physician, (Upledger, 1997), that everyone has what you might call an inner physician, an integrated intelligence which is constantly monitoring the body, it’s functioning, it’s energetic wavelengths and all the ways it is functioning or not functioning on all the different energetic levels and dimensions of a human being.  (See Multi-Dimensional Medicine). 

So, in this way you understand that your client’s body, their organs, their DNA (genetic code), their Heart intelligence (Heart Math), not only has the imprint of full health and well-being but also a self-evident imprint of self the current state and ill health and imbalance.

Before you begin to scan you are asking the wisdom of the body to communicate with you, the state of affairs on a number of different dimensions of well-being.

In the case of the Applied Biomagnetic Therapy scan, you are making a start by asking the body to reveal the biomagnetic imbalances in the body.  So your question can be: can you reveal to me the main underlying biomagnetic imbalances that are the direct and main causes of ill health of these things.