Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Hello and welcome.  Today I’m talking about anxiety and panic attacks and how you can, as a complimentary practitioner assist these with Applied Biomagnetic Therapy.

There are many approaches, be it psychotherapy, hypnosis, various supplements, medications.   If your client has tried either a number of these approaches and they are still experiencing  anxiety or panic attacks, can the modality of Applied Biomagnetic Therapy help with this?

My experience has shown that it can.

During an Applied Biomagnetic Therapy session  we are looking for the root cause of the issue.  Therefore, for clients who experience these attacks :   there  is a biological conflict that originally caused or is continually causing these attacks, we regularly find that there was an “air conflict”.

To delve deeper into this air conflict we have found that that during the client’s birth, as they take their first few breaths, their oxygen intake was impaired.  That is to say that they were unable to absorb and process the air immediately.   Of course this could have been for a number of reasons.

Since breathing is an automatic bodily function, and if the body cannot breathe properly or release this oxygen, our bodies go into an automatic state of shock and begin to panic.  Therefore we find that if a client has experienced this air conflict,  this may be our client’s first panic attack.  This air conflict doesn’t always happen outside of the body, it could have happened during their journey through the birth canal.

So how do we work with this?  

The technique is to balance the microbes which have been traumatised and which carry the information of the original panic, release the emotions that have been stored in the body’s tissues since the initial trauma.  This approach will be taught on my upcoming Applied Biomagnetic Therapy programme.   I look forward to sharing this with you.

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